AS350/ H125 Maintenance Kits

At Szabo Aviation International, we are passionate about all things within the aviation industry. With over 20 years of experience in supporting aviation requirements, we are proud to offer our clients reliable and high-quality maintenance kits for use on AS350B2, AS350B3/H125, or AS355 helicopters.

What We Offer

We offer a standard maintenance kit or alternatively a tailored kit to user preference on request. Our cost-effective solutions allow our clients to find the right mix of items to suit their requirements and budget.

Szabo Aviation International

AS355 and AS350 Maintenance Kits

Our AS350 and AS355 maintenance kits are ideal for supporting your aircraft maintenance needs.

The standard AS350 maintenance kit includes:

Bell Series
H-350A93-3200-20MGB Socket
H-350A93-3205-00Wrench Lock MGB Shaft
H-350A93-3300-20T/R Socket
H-350A93-3302-02T/R Yoke Holding Fixture
H-350A93-3303-02T/R Body Hub Puller
H-350A93-3305-20Socket TRGB
H-350A93-3307-00Seal Hold TGB Extractor
H-350A93-3312-03T/R Flapping Bearing Tool
H-350A93-3316-20T/R Spider Socket
H-350A93-3317-20Seal Fitting Tool
H-350A93-3400-00Driveshaft Thimble
H-350A93-3500-00Bearing Extractor
H-350A93-3501-20Driven Pulley Extractor
H-703-A94-1130-01Tab Tool Set - Bender & amp; Gauge
H-350A94-5201Dummy Plug
H-350A93-3301-00T/R Accel Support
H-350A94-2700-00/06 AS350Flight Control Rigging Kit w/7 deg template and flags
H-2706Extra Rigging Pins for Dunlop Servos (2)
Digital Scale
Inclinometer - Angle Locator
Hyd/Accum Gauge (300 psi) & amp; Fitting
Dampener Spanner Wrench AS350
Bungee Cords (2)
Driveshaft Run-out Check Tool - magnetic base and dial indicator (.001 scale)
H-703A95-0508-00Drain Tool AS350 MGB - Long
H-703A95-0505-00Drain Tool AS350 TRGB
H-703A95-0520-01Drain Tool AS350 Oil Tank/Hyd.
H-350A93-5400-00Engine Support Mount

We also offer protective cases and the ability to tailor your AS355 and AS350 maintenance kit’s contents to meet your specific needs.

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